Welcome on my website

Who am I

Welcome! My name is Mandy. I was born in Zaanstad on October  5th. in 2006, The Netherlands.

I live in Friesland with my mom, 3 cats and my dog. 

I study pedagogy , wich takes a lot off my time lately. 

In the future I want to help children who are struggling in society

I have been singing since I was a small child. 

I participated in a number of talentshows and played in a few musicals.

But it was time for something else; the releases off my own songs!

The songs are written by my mother Christa Kortekaas in collaboration with producer Michel Wijninga , Flexrecord, how cool is that!

To me it's important that a song tells a story. Everyone goes through phases in their life and often there is a song for every phase.

When people hear these songs they know that they are not alone in those situations and that lyrics can help them in the process.

I also love singing differents styles